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2021.05.08 - 05.31

New & Noteworthy

New Artist's Books and Zines

New & Noteworthy is a book exhibition that brings together exciting new work by various artists including Genevieve Hergott, Gary Kachadourian, David Khang, Jeff Kulak, Chaochi Lau, Forrest Lau, Tom de Pekin and publications by Solo Ma Non Troppo (Paris), Little Mountain Press (Shenzhen/New York) and Artspeak Gallery (Vancouver).


The exhibition also features some photobooks and zines newly created by Emily Carr University graduates/students, including Sophia Boutsakis, Pacale Jean and Amber Ross.


2021.03.20 - 05.01

Guesthood and Alienhood

Sun Yung Shin, Jinny Yu, Republic of the Other

curated by Godfre Leung

Guesthood and Alienhood is a group exhibition of bookwork by Sun Yung Shin (Minneapolis), Jinny Yu (Seoul/Ottawa), and Republic of the Other. It engages the circulating apparatus of the book as a medium for creating bonds, and through these bonds pursues identity forms beyond guest and alien.


At the centre of the exhibition is Baridegi: A Hole is Born, a new collaboration between Shin and Yu that retells the Korean folktale of Baridegi through a generative process of passing poems and drawings passed back and forth via email and a Drive folder.


Other works include HÔTE (guest/host), a new artist's book that Yu made during quarantine; a selection of redacted documents from granted to a foreign citizen, a book of poetry by Shin made from keepsakes from her naturalization as an American citizen as a young Korean adoptee; and Little Gray Book, Republic of the Other’s artists’ book manifesto. Together, these bookworks initiate a conversation addressing the politics of asylum, borders, family separation, and settler colonialism.


2020.11.21 - 2021.02.13

Cover Me

LPs,Cassettes & Artists


This exhibition brings together artists who work with sound and music. Our gallery is transformed into a record shop / discotheque / listening space. Participating artists include:


Bitter Party

Cathy Busby

Makiko Hara

Kristin Nelson

Kathy Slade

Brady Cranfield

Christian Jones

Jongwook Park

Daniel Laskarin

Chrysanne Stathacos

Zachari Logan

Dale Wittig

my name is scot

Laura Gildner

Genevieve Hergott

Andrew Zealley

Nitin Mukul

Jeffrey Cheung

Shelley Saltzman

Sunny Nestler

Bobbi Kozinuk


Hotham Sound

Or Gallery

Shelly Bahl


Carol Sawyer

Doug Melynk

Lam Wong

Paul Walde

Bill Burns

Paul O'Kane

Nic Wilson

Alan Belcher

Jenny Lin

Yael Brotman

Clark Nikolai

Denis Lessard

Alicia Nauta

Jeff Kulak

Seema Shah

Justin Langille

Daniel Colussi

Sadko Hadzihasanovic

Mrityunjay Awasthy

Ramune Luminaire

Erik Waterkotte

Gary Kachadourian

Andrew Yong Hoon Lee

Sean-William Dawson

Antonia Hisrch

Oval aka Markus Popp

Society Visual Music

Godfre Leung

Peter Happel Chistian

Phillip Andrew Lewis

Christine Timmermans

Juan Cisneros Neumann

Katherine Koniecki

Robert Quance

Fortunato Durutti


Genevieve et Matthieu

2020.09.12 - 10.31

Jenny Lin

Pandemic Drawings


"This exhibition is an ongoing series of drawings and text that documents my experience and observations during the current coronavirus pandemic. I began the series as a way to record some of the strangeness of the circumstances, and as a way to create some structure to my day, something that I could share with friends online. I would make a drawing or series of drawings based on something I had seen, read or heard about, and post it on Instagram with a text description. In the series, mostly I focus on my own perspective and happenings at the local level, here in Tiohtià:ke / Montreal.  It’s not meant to be a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the pandemic.


"At some point, my own daily waking life started to feel so banal and tiny, as I am (fortunate enough to be) one of the people who can mostly stay at home. My outings are limited to whatever is within walking distance. At the same time, I had been having intense pandemic-related dreams, so I started to document those as short comics, noting that my waking preoccupations were playing out in my dream space.


"Then, on May 25, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by police in Minneapolis, and the video leading up to his death was circulated widely. The world reacted with outrage, sparking a renewed yet unprecedented momentum in the movement for racial equity and justice, including calls for police reform or abolishment and a demand for a long-overdue examination and overhaul of structures that enable and perpetuate systemic inequity and abuse of power.

The pandemic has exposed so many inequities but also has created a different sort of space, time and energy with which we can try to restructure our world. I hope that it will really happen, and that the demand and desire continues to drive us even after we all 'return to normal', whenever and whatever that will be."


~ Jenny Lin, 2020


Jenny Lin is a visual artist based in Tiohtiá:ke / Montréal who works with experimental narrative, fictional and autobiographical content, mostly in the form of print-based installations, artists’ books and zines. She is drawn to the socio-political, accessible and community-based aspects of print and zine-making, self-publishing and distribution, and uses drawing and text as a way to process life experiences and connect with the world around her.

2020.06.20 - 08.22

Kegan McFadden

Partners in Crime


Partners in Crime, composed of printed matter and multiples by Kegan McFadden, is built around his involvement with the mail art collective Undecimals. An evolving body of work that references the interconnected nature of art making through text and reader, distilling the relationship of ‘you’ and ‘me’ as a means of identifying/reinforcing the importance of the recipient as audience and co-conspirator in mail art/art making. This showcase is augmented with over twenty pieces of printed matter and multiples Kegan has published over the past fifteen years, including chapbooks, zines, postcards, posters, and wallpaper.


Since 2005, Kegan McFadden has developed a hybridized practice that includes writing, publishing, research, and curating. As an artist, his output has been varied but often relies on the memory of interpersonal connections through a queer lens and incorporates a mixture of text and image as well as modest means of production. Over the past decade and a half, Kegan has worked with Canada’s artist-run centres, with projects having taken shape in written and physical form across this country. This is the first survey of his artist books and multiples.



2020.01.25 - 03.28

Lise Melhorn-Boe

Sewing Poems

Lise Melhorn-Boe (Kingston ON) has been making artist’s books for 40 years. Her early work explored issues of gender. Later, she began examining the roles of mother and wife, the socialization of children and how fairy tales reflect our attitudes. Breast cancer brought her attention to how our environment affects our collective health, which led to books made of recycled materials.


In this mini-retrospective to celebrate her 40th Anniversary in art making, Melhorn-Boe is exhibiting selected work from her vast oeuvre of artist’s books throughout her long career. Along side with the archival materials, the artist also debut her current ongoing project, Sewing Poems – a body of work using fabric and various sewing techniques to explore poems about sewing.


Lise Melhorn-Boe was born in Noranda, Quebec. She studied at the University of Guelph (B.A.) and received her M.A. and M.F.A. degrees from Wayne State University in Detroit. She has exhibited widely across Canada and the United States, as well as in Europe and South America.


2019.07.25 - 08.31

Paul de Guzman

3 Works

The exhibition ‘3 Works’ by Paul de Guzman marks a unique and rare appearance of the artist in his home city. In each of the first three weeks of the exhibition, de Guzman will introduce one work and it will remain on view till the end of the exhibition. In keeping with the gallery's theme of showing literary-related works, the artist has chosen to exhibit his ongoing series of bookworks that represent three critical stages from his career spanning almost 20 years.


De Guzman’s artistic practice is governed by nomadic gestures and transient objects, and characterized by a concept-driven approach across a variety of media. As the artist works in fields appropriate for each project, an increasingly important outcome of his current investigations recognize the roles of language, architecture and other structure-based entities as control mechanisms.


Born in Mandaluyong City, The Philippines where he studied Engineering, Paul de Guzman moved to Canada with his family in 1984 and has been exhibiting his work since 1997.



2019.09.19 - 10.26

Little Mountain Press

Powder Room

Little Mountain Press is an art and illustration independent publisher from New York, USA and Shenzhen, China. The press was established in the summer of 2018 by the illustrator duo Xiao Mei and Mountain Dog. Little Mountain Press has published most zines and prints in Risograph. As a duo, they love bright colors and are not afraid to express their sexual and ethnic identity. Their mission is to transform boredom into joy and challenge people's perception through print media.


Powder Room is the first gallery exhibition of the print work by Little Mountain Press. According to LMP, customers have commented that the prints make great decoration in the bathroom. The ‘powder’ also refers to the colourful toner used in Risograph printing.


To coincide with the upcoming Vancouver Art Book Fair which Little Mountain Press is to participate, Bookshop/Gallery will have a welcome reception for the dynamic duo on Thursday, October 17, from 5 to 7 PM.



2019.11.16 - 2020.01.11

Gary Kachadourian


Gary Kachadourian makes detailed scale drawings of objects, surfaces, and locations that he regularly interacts with. Each selected object, surface, or location is measured, photographed, and drawn to scale and then adjusted in scale and printed. The resulting works are books, life-sized posters, or presented as room covering installations. Although mundane and ordinary, the objects and spaces are transformed through the artist’s eyes into something more intimate and significant that require our further inspection.


The Vancouver exhibition is consisted of several of Kachadourian’s life-sized prints in life size, and a selection of his books of miniature cutouts and buildable objects.


After living in Baltimore for 58 years, Kachadourian now makes his home in Lanesville, a small community within the Catskill Mountains in the New York State.





2019.07.04 - 07.20


Zines from Hong Kong's Civil Movements

Because of the political crisis in Hong Kong since June 2019, Hotam Press Gallery initiated ZINE COOP to exhibit a collection of related artist's zines, booklets and posters about the democratic movement. It was the first-ever FREEDOM HI exhibition and has since traveled internationally.


In May/June 2019, the world witnessed millions of its citizens taken to the streets to peacefully protest a controversial extradition bill that could send the residents to Mainland China to be tried in court. The protests, in turn, questioned the human rights and freedom issues under the dictatorship of the Communist Party. The situation continued to escalate and create unrests within Hong Kong as well as China’s relationship with the world.


The Exhibition highlights and investigates the current social and political condition of Hong Kong.


Like in other parts of the world, the new generations in Hong Kong has taken up zine making and other DIY tactics as common practice and outlet in the expressing of ideas, spreading of messages and voicing their concerns. Playful, creative and often humorous, these activist zines bring us closer to the milieu and the fundamental concerns of the makers.


Hotam Press acknowledges that we are on the unceded, occupied, ancestral and traditional homelands of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) and Səlí" lwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations.